Food Allergen Testing

Food Allergens TestingAt ILS our food chemistry laboratories are extensively equipped with a full range of instrumentation to provide food allergen testing, whether it is allergen testing for finished products, raw materials, rinse waters or environmental swabs.

There are 14 major allergens that have to be declared when they are used as ingredients in a food. Click here to download the ILS Food Allergen Guidance Information.

ILS carry out food allergen testing on an extensive variety of allergenic foods, these include:

Cereals containing gluten
Milk & Lactose
Celery & Celeriac
Sesame Seeds
Sulphur Dioxide (>10mg/kg or 10mg/L)


Allergens are the largest single cause of global product recalls, with the major risk for food manufacturers being the potential for cross contamination with food allergens during production processes.

ILS can provide advice and information about the updates to the Food Labelling Regulations and allergens that should be declared in your food products and what testing is required. 


We pride ourselves on customer service and value all of our customers please contact us to see if we can help you with your allergen testing requirements.

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