Evaluating your own Shelf Life
Evaluating your own Shelf Life ILS guidance to simple and low cost exercises to provide an idea of your shelf life.


Shelf Life Determination

The ILS food microbiology testing laboratory provide shelf life testing and storage to establish the shelf life of your food products. 

At ILS we have the ability to store samples at a range of temperatures and in different conditions to facilitate customer requirements, to enable you to develop and determine the shelf life of your product. 

The shelf life determination allows you to confidently set a use-by-date and best-before date. The Microbiological Safety and Stability of a food product is measured by its Shelf-Life, these important factors are influenced by storage conditions, time and temperature. Our state-of-the-art food microbiological laboratory facilities also offer temperature abuse for a shelf life trial if requested.

For more information and assitance with your shelf life please download the 'ILS guidance for evaluating your own Shelf Life' or alternively please contact us.


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