UKAS Accredited Automated Microbiology

Plating machine - KITTY - Lab Automatisation from AAA Lab Equipment on Vimeo.

ILS Limited, food testing laboratory in Derbyshire is the first to be operating The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for automated plate handling robots for food safety testing.

The ILS Food Microbiology Laboratory operates UKAS accredited automated plate inoculating and automated plate spreading robots for our food safety and food microbiology testing.









ILS advantages of using robotic automation over laboratories that use manual plating:

• Uniform plate production

• Consistent control of media and the plate spreading

• Minimised human error from robotic operation

• Reduced risk of potential environmental contamination.


The ILS food testing laboratories are amongst the most impressive facilities in Europe, extensively equipped with a full range of instrumentation to analyse a variety of products and raw materials.

Continual investment in the laboratories and the latest technologies, coupled with our trained and skilled scientists allow us to provide high scientific standards of quality, accuracy and delivery.

The transformation into automated microbiology enables us to offer greater precision, repeatability and consistent quality of our customers’ results than that offered by manual plating laboratories.


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