Microbial Quality Determination

The ILS purpose built pharmaceutical microbiology laboratories are fully equipped for pharmaceutical microbiology testing and analysis of raw materials, finished products and medical devices for:

Microbiology Quality and Microbial Limits Testing

Total Viable Counts (TVC)

Pathogen Determination


Our pharmaceutical microbiology department has over 40 years of experience, with trained and skilled scientists to allow us to provide high scientific standards of quality. These skills and experience mean that we can perform Pharmaceutical Microbioloy Testing to either Pharmacopoeia Standards & Methodologies or to a customers own methods.

ILS has a highly experienced team and can advise on regulatory issues, product development studies, scientific evaluation of safety and efficacy data.

We provide a full range of pharmaceutical microbiology contract testing and research services, these include:

 Microbial Limits Testing



 Total Viable Counts (TVC)



 Absence of Specific Pathogens




We pride ourselves on customer service and value all of our customers please contact us to see if we can help you with your pharmaceutical testing requirements.

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