Sterility Testing

ILS Limited Sterility Testing Laboratory

ILS has invested in barrier technology for conducting Sterility Testing. Our pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory houses a class-A isolator sterility testing environment with gaseous sterilisation. Giving our customers reassurance that their sterility testing is conducted in a completely sterile environment as preferred by Regulatory Authorities and QPs, enabling ILS to handle potent substances such as cytotoxic powders and liquids.

At ILS we perform Sterility Testing to all Pharmacopoeia methodologies including the EP, BP, USP & the JP, we can also provide testing to customers own methods.

We provide Sterility Testing on a range of products, these include:

Parental Preparations
Ophthalmic & Other Non-Injectable Preparations
Bulk Solids
Antibiotic Solids


​Sterility testing of pharmaceutical products is required during the sterilisation validation process as well as for routine release testing. The need to provide adequate and reliable sterility test data is an important quality assurance issue.

Download the ILS Sterility Testing Sample Information guidance.


We pride ourselves on customer service and value all of our customers please contact us to see if we can help you with your sterility testing requirements.

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